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Coffee with AR

The relevant tecnologies lab MARMA developed an original lead magnet for the event: AR coffee allowed customers to enjoy not only the drink, but also interactive content. More than a thousand Forum participants tried coffee at the stand with an amazingly realistic pattern on the foam and AR prediction.

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Space-scented perfume

MARMA relevant tecnologies lab presented a perfume with the flavor of space at SPIEF-2023. The product combines a unique fragrance from 2Impress and “reviving” packaging from the MARMA service. Just point your phone at the AR-code and you will see a cosmonaut who will tell you about the Space fragrance in all details.

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Avatar for the Khabarovsk Region stand

Especially for the exhibition-forum “Russia” MARMA service has developed a 3D avatar of Khabarovsk Krai with artificial intelligence, which can answer any question about Khabarovsk Krai, for example, what the region is famous for, how many cities it includes and what sights can be visited.

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Ticket to the Future: a quest with AR elements

MARMA relevant tecnologies lab gave SPIEF-2023 participants the opportunity to enter the City of the Future, a digital world created in MARMA augmented reality. At the quest stations it was possible to get an alternative name in the MARMA virtual universe, use possible services of the future and learn more about modern technologies.

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Interactive map of Russian regions

“Interactive AR map of Russia” is a project of MARMA relevant technologies lab and a unique space on the territory of SPIEF, where it is possible to make a virtual journey across the whole country from one point.

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Thematic AR photo zones at the WEF-2022

A stylized panorama of the capital of Primorsky Krai with a dynamic change of the natural landscape. The photo zone "came to life" in front of the Forum participants: clouds floated across the sky, the sun shone, and the city was filled with movement and energy.

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Exhibition stands at SPIEF 2022

At the MEET THE FUTURE stand, everyone could record their own video message and, with the help of our specialist, add it to a postcard, which could be sent free of charge from the Forum site to anywhere in the world. By pointing the smartphone camera at the postcard, the recipient could watch the video in augmented reality. The project was implemented jointly with Russian Post JSC

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